ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — Bills fans everywhere are still left wondering: how did we let the Chiefs drive down and kick a game-tying field goal with just thirteen seconds left on the clock? It’s a question that will be on the minds of Bills Mafia for years to come.

Plenty of other questions remain unanswered regarding Sean McDermott and the coaching staff’s strategy for those few waning seconds. Why didn’t they try and squib kick or a pooch kick to take time off of the clock? Why didn’t they press Kansas City’s receivers at the line of scrimmage? Why did they send rushers at Patrick Mahomes when he was forced to get rid of the ball instantly? Why were they seemingly trying to prevent a touchdown when only a field goal was needed?

On Tuesday, Sean McDermott was asked once again in hindsight if there was anything he would have done differently in those last thirteen seconds.

“Our execution, I wish it was different,” said the Bills head coach. “Just like I said after the game, I wish our execution was different.”

Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, who relays the play calls to the rest of the defense, was asked on Monday if there was any sort of miscommunication on those final two plays or if players were out of position. He was singing a different tune than McDermott.

“We executed,” said Edmunds. “It’s just an unfortunate situation that we were in and things didn’t go our way.”

Underscoring the fact that the Bills were in the desired defensive looks is that McDermott called timeouts before both plays to set up his defense exactly how he wanted based on the looks that the Chiefs were giving him.

“We had those timeouts and I let them line up the first play to see formationally, burn that first one. There were some conversations that took place on the sidelines. That first play, with [Tyreek Hill] in particular, he’s so fast getting down the field so you’ve got to be smart with that, balancing that a little bit with also challenging the yardage that they needed for the field goal,” said McDermott.

“And then the second play, let them line up again so I could get the information that we needed by looking at their formation and how they were going to attack us there. At the end of the day, we didn’t get the job done there.”

No matter who was at fault for those unlucky thirteen seconds— the players, the coaching staff, or all of the above, it will be part of Bills’ lore for the rest of the franchise’s history. Hopefully, as a footnote instead of a main chapter.

“I watched it on video and I watched it over and over in my head a million times and in my stomach a million more. That’s what we do. As was mentioned earlier, it’s my livelihood,” said McDermott. “I’ll continue to watch it in my mind and in my gut for years. When we get where we’re trying to get to, I believe that’ll make it that much more enjoyable in that moment.”

“It’s an area, those thirteen seconds in particular, that we pride ourselves in being detailed and prepared. That’s an area, situational football, that we practice almost daily here,” McDermott added. “We typically handle it very well. But it’s something we all have to face, we’re not going to run from it and we’re going to learn from it. Hopefully, one day, as we look back it will be a part of our story and we’ll be accomplishing the goals that we have as an organization. Somewhere along the lines, that will help us. Right now, it’s hard but I’m extremely proud of this team.”

In all likelihood, the Bills will get another crack at Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, perhaps as soon as next year’s playoffs. If so, their head coach likes the progress that they’ve made and feels that they’re on the cusp of getting over that final hurdle.

“I’m super proud of being in games like that. We went toe-to-toe with the defending AFC Champ two years running now. They’ve got a good football team. They’re well-coached, they’ve got good players. But we’re right there,” said McDermott. “Look where we were a year ago against Kansas City and look where we were this year. That’s a little bit of a measuring stick but at the end of the day we want to win those games and we expect to win those games.”

The Bills feel they have the team to beat the Chiefs. The question is, will they finally do it when it matters most?