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ORCHARD PARK, NY – NOVEMBER 24: Shaq Lawson #90 of the Buffalo Bills sacks Brandon Allen #2 of the Denver Broncos during the second half at New Era Field on November 24, 2019 in Orchard Park, New York. Buffalo beats Denver 20 to 3. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — As the clock ticked towards zero in the Bills 20-3 win over Denver, Shaq Lawson was on the Bills sideline staring daggers across the field to the Broncos. He pointed at their sideline and nodded. More than once.

The game was about to be over, but Lawson was far from done.

When players from both sides stepped on the field for the traditional post game greeting, Lawson found Broncos guard Connor McGovern. There were not going to be any handshakes.

It was a one-way conversation.

“You remember my name now, don’t you? You remember my name? I got two sacks on your (expletive),” Lawson shouted at McGovern from inches away. Bills center Mitch Morse stepped in to separate the two. McGovern was trying to speak, but Lawson had no interest in listening.

After a couple more words that would earn kids a date with a bar of soap, Lawson continued.

“I got two sacks on your (expletive). You remember me now. You remember me now,” Lawson kept moving away as Morse stayed with McGovern. “That’s all I got to say to him.”

Lawson said the verbal assault postgame followed one from McGovern during the game. The Denver starting center, apparently, told Lawson he never heard of him.

“‘I haven’t heard of you since I got drafted’,” was Lawson’s re-telling of the exchange. “I said, ‘You’ve heard of me today, because I had two (sacks) against y’all’.”

Morse did stay to chat with McGovern a couple minutes. It appeared to be a polite conversation.

“I don’t even know where he from,” Lawson said in the locker room afterward. “I guess he must have been an ACC guy or something.”

For the record, McGovern was a sixth round pick by the Broncos in the same draft Lawson was selected by the Bills. McGovern went 125 picks after Lawson. He’s actually a Big 12 guy who went to Missouri.

“I had to go up there and remind him, I’m still here,” Lawson explained about his postgame tirade.

The two sacks for Lawson came late in the second and third quarter. He had the whole fourth quarter to revel in his success.

“Every time I came back on the field, I was letting him have it. Him and 72,” Lawson said.

72 is starting left tackle Garrett Bolles. According to Lawson, Bolles was trying to talk his own brand of smack. Lawson told him it wasn’t goint to work.

“I told him ‘You can’t use my game on me’,” Lawson said. “I’m gonna get you out of your head, talk junk and bully you while you’re on the field’.”

Lawson’s first sack came as a result of a Matt Milano blitz. Bolles stepped up to block Milano and left Lawson alone to run down quarterback Brandon Allen.

On the second sack, Lawson appeared to blow by McGovern so fast, the Denver snapper spun like a top.

It’s one think to talk trash in the NFL. That’s a fairly regular occurrence. Backing it up with not one, but two sacks is a whole different animal.

“It feel great. Like coach said, you gotta have dawgs on your team. I’m one of them dawgs,” Lawson said. “That’s something you can’t coach. None of that you teach. You just gotta be born with it. I feel like I got that dawg in me to say what’s on my mind when I’m out there on that field and let them have it.”

That Lawson did, both during the game and after it.

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