Josh Allen’s and Stefon Diggs’ relationship goes beyond the football field

Buffalo Bills

Allen and Diggs' bromance off the field is key to how they perform on it

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — One of the big spots in Sunday’s win over the Jets came at the end of the first half. Josh Allen tried a fade pass to Stefon Diggs in the end zone, but he was a bit out of bounds. Diggs said it was his fault he did not keep his feet in bounds and he went back to the huddle asking Josh for another chance.

Diggs said Allen responded by saying, “I was already going back to you”.

It just underlines the relationship between Diggs and Allen. As Josh put it, it’s not a quarterback to a receiver. It’s a friend to a friend.

“It’s just that open line of communication that we have,” Allen said. “There’s no ego involved. There’s no needs to be done one way, the ball needs to be put in a certain spot. It’s give me a chance. It’s, hey, I’m going to give you a chance.”

“As a receiver, you don’t benefit at all from having your quarterback rattled or being in a bad head space,” Diggs said. “I just try to do my part keeping him even keel, keeping him in a good space.”

Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins said that upon Diggs’ arrival in 2020, he’s been open to learning about the guys in the locker room especially Allen.

“It’s showing and that little chemistry that they’ve been building over time, it’s just popping now,” Dawkins said.

Allen added that he is a big believer in off the field relationships paying dividends on the football field.

“I think ours kind of speaks volumes but it kind of just proves my thinking,” Allen said.

Diggs and Allen recently did a SI Cover for Kids cover shoot with Diggs on Allen’s back. Allen said the whole thing was Diggs’ idea and not something that Allen was a big fan of because he doesn’t like to be on magazine covers.

“I’d do anything for my guy.”

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