ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Bills’ interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady will be holding his first press conference since the firing of Ken Dorsey.

Dorsey was fired earlier this week after he faced backlash from fans on the team’s offensive struggles. Coach McDermott admitted it was his decision to fire him, saying that although it was a sad decision, it was time for change.

“I couldn’t say enough good words about Ken Dorsey, I’m here because of Ken Dorsey and I love that man to death. It was really tough on me and it still is tough on me,” said Brady.

Brady, who used to be the OC for Carolina, joined the Bills in 2022. The team highlighted him helping Josh Allen earn Pro Bowl honors and end the season as an MVP finalist.

The Bills’ last game against the Denver Broncos ended in a 22-24 loss for the Bills. After appointing Brady, McDermott believes all Brady has to do is develop his “imprint” and his rapport with Allen.

Brady, who sported a hoodie that read “Buffalo vs. Everybody,” says that Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL and is excited to call plays with him.

“Every quarterback can throw a football, but it’s all about the mindset that they can play and the approach they can take going into it,” said Brady. “That’s what I love about Josh Allen, I’m passionate about Josh Allen and I have so much love for him and he’s such a competitor and all I want is for him to have success.”

The Bills’ next game is against the New York Jets on Sunday, November 19 at 4:25 p.m.