KANSAS CITY, MO (WROC) — When Josh Allen walked off the field on Saturday, he has ushered in arguably the greatest offensive performance in the history of football.

Seven drives, seven touchdowns. The Bills did not punt, kick a field goal, or commit a turnover, the first time the feat had been accomplished in NFL history.

It’s a performance that both endear a quarterback to not only a city but to his teammates.

“Having a quarterback like Josh, you’re fortunate, you’re blessed because things aren’t like that everywhere else,’ said wide receiver Stefon Diggs. “That’s why I always say I’m thankful to have a guy like that, not only as a quarterback but as a friend because when things get tough, it’s easy to have his back. It’s easy to want to run through a wall for him because you know he would do the same for you.”

Diggs says that the quarterback everyone is seeing in Allen is the same one they’ve seen at practice all season long in terms of his leadership. He adds it’s special to see it come from their quarterback and not a coach.

“He’s himself,” said safety Micah Hyde. “Since he got here a few years ago, he’s just been himself and he cares about everybody in the locker room. He’s boys with everybody in the locker room. Like, he’s a big kid. He just wants to be around the guys, just how hard he works.”

Camaraderie and friendship are great, but where Allen really shines is through his actions, expecting the best out of both his teammates and himself.

“He doesn’t like a play in practice, he restarts the play, like, no, we’re running that back. We’re running the whole thing back if we have to,” said cornerback Levi Wallace. “It’s just so easy to get behind a guy like that who you know just cares about his game and just wants success for everyone around.”

Allen has shown time and time again he’s willing to do whatever to take to get the extra yard, whether it’s taking a big hit or jumping over a defender. His teammates are willing to go the extra mile for him as well.

“He’d run through a wall for you and he’ll be the first one to do it and we’d follow suit,” said center Mitch Morse. “Loves his teammates, truly, and with something like that, it’s easy to go to battle with a guy.”

“The question is, what isn’t it about Josh Allen,” said left tackle Dion Dawkins when asked why the team would run through a wall for him. “Josh is Josh. When I say Josh is Josh, he’s his own person. He’s a big kid, just having fun.”

Allen’s stock has risen exponentially and will continue to grow if he leads the Bills to the Super Bowl and beyond.

“He’s not walking around here, like, I’m Josh Allen, I’m a robot, I’m the best quarterback in the league,” said Dawkins. “No, like, he’s a big kid. Like let’s play flip the bottle, do all types of little stuff and you’re thinking like… that’s some childish stuff, but it’s just Josh. You know, just big kid Josh.”

“He is a dog, everything that he does- arm, leg, mentality, leadership, everything that he does he’s fit for this role that he’s in right now,” said Hyde.

Dawkins said that all of the stories about Allen being a big kid are things that should remain in-house.

But he went on to say that Josh is comfortable with who he’s comfortable with. And he’s comfortable with the Bills.