MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (WROC) — Normally when a team runs 90 plays and has a giant advantage in time of possession it’s a good thing for the offense.

But maybe not in this case.

Dawson Knox said he and everyone else on the team did all the normal things they would do to prepare for the heat and humidity of Miami. But in the end, just might have been no way to be prepared for what the Bills faced and how exhausting this game turned out.

“It was one of the more tougher ones that I had experienced, to be honest,” said offensive tackle Dion Dawkins. “It was tough from the start. We knew it would be hot. But we always knew, every year we come down here, it’s hot. It was cooking.”

While Dolphins may be used to the heat more than the Bills, Buffalo has plenty of players on their roster from the South who grew up playing in this type of weather. That includes a healthy contingent of players from right in South Florida.

“You could just fall on the floor, like not get hurt and then boom your hamstring just feel a cramp,” said Greg Rousseau, who grew up in a Miami suburb and played for the Hurricanes in college. “You don’t even have to get hit. You just fall in a weird way and then boom. It was just crazy out there.”

“Breathing was tough at some times,” said Josh Allen. “We had some really, really long drives. Cramps are going to happen in this heat. You can do the best you can to prepare for it during the week, drink as much water and Gatorade, this and that. But it’s different during game time, the adrenaline starts going. It gets really hot on the field. There’s no way to really simulate that.”

Spencer Brown left the game with a heat illness. Knox, Stefon Diggs, Isaiah McKenzie, and Ryan Bates are just a few of the players who missed some time with apparent cramps.

“You just try and fight through, be resilient,” said McKenzie. “We had guys cramping, even myself. We had guys cramping, guys tired. We had our guys out there and we were just trying to do the best we can to get a drive down the field and try and put some points on the board. It was exhausting but we fought, we fought. We didn’t come out with a win but we’ll learn from it.”

“Guys were in positions that they weren’t playing and that they’ve never played,” said Dawkins. “Tommy Doyle played right guard, he hasn’t had a snap at right guard since forever. I’m proud, I really am. I’m proud of my guys. I would go to battle with any one of these guys any day. If it was two more seconds on the clock, who knows.”

The game was a loss but when you consider all the players the Bills were missing, the short week, and being on the road, if their closest division rival can only win by the slimmest of margins in that situation there are plenty of good days ahead for this Buffalo football team.