Hopefully, Bills learned their lesson

Buffalo Bills

ORCHARD PARK, NY – OCTOBER 27: Derek Barnett #96 of the Philadelphia Eagles hits Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills as he throws the ball during the second half at New Era Field on October 27, 2019 in Orchard Park, New York. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Buffalo Bills 31-13. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

The Bills played the first half of their game with the Eagles just about the same way they played every other game this year.

The defense was excellent, the offense was decent and they were probably the better team overall, but trailed at halftime because of a killer Josh Allen turnover.

It’s the same game most media, locally and nationally, thought would not work against a better team.

Shockingly, in a game against a better team… it didn’t.

The Bills have been giving opponents life and chances week after week, only to rally late and steal victory from the jaws of embarrassment. Along the way, fans celebrated every time another notch was added to Allen’s 4th quarter comeback belt.

Except this league is not built for teams to succeed by allowing less than 20 points a game and having the offense show up at the last minute. The rules favor points. Good offenses will put 30 on any defense, even the elite one in Buffalo.

That’s why Allen’s turnover infested 5-1 start was questioned along with an offense that was among the bottom third in the league for points per game.

The Bills questioned it themselves after the Dolphins win. Cole Beasley said coming back in the fourth quarter was not something they could “lean on.” John Brown said they needed to begin getting off to better starts.

Sean McDermott and Brian Daboll have done a nice job of tucking Allen into a protective cocoon, surrounded by dismal opponents and a defense that locks the number on the scoreboard under the other team’s name for quarters at a time.

Exposed in a situation where 30 points would be necessary to win, Allen and the offense collapsed. Granted, the weather in Orchard Park Sunday was not going to smile on any team needing a late comeback, but that more proves the point than excuses the loss.

The Bills mustered only 30 total yards after their touchdown on the opening drive of the second half. More than half those 30 came on a scratch your head run by Devin Singletary with 30 seconds to play in a lost cause.

Allen was 3-13 for 10 yards in the last 25 minutes. He took two sacks. The Bills had one first down (Again, the Singletary Ultimate Garbage Play).

None of this means the Bills are incapable of beating a good team. (The Titans are 4-4, so maybe they already have). This is still a team that’s learning and growing, same as their quarterback.

Nor does it mean the Bills season is suddenly in jeopardy. There aren’t many more recent Super Bowl champions left on the schedule and two of the next three might be certain wins (home for Washington, at Miami).

What does it mean? Well… let Trent Murphy explain.

“Sometimes you have a bad play and a good result,” he said. “When you play a really good team like Philly, it catches up to you.”

The same bad plays finally caught up with the Bills.

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