PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — The Bills Training camp is back at St. John Fisher for the first time since 2019.
Monday marks day two of camp.

Some fans are coming from out-of-state, just to see how the team is shaping up!

News 8’s Eriketa Cost spoke to a father-son duo from Virginia, making the 9-hour drive from Richmond to spend the week in Pittsford.

It’s a story about a special father-son road trip; and also a story about how generous and selfless the Bills mafia really is.

Jeremy and Aiden Ford aren’t from Buffalo, and don’t have family in Buffalo…but are both huge Bills fans.

“I’m super excited for this season,” said Aiden. “I just want the summer to be over, I can’t wait for the season to start. I’m in a bunch of fantasy leagues, jerseys in my closet, I’m just already completely prepared.”

Jeremy says their hometown, Richmond, has connections to former quarterback Jim Kelly. He says he grew up a huge fan of his, and even watched some games at the bars with Kelly’s two brothers in his college years.

Jeremy and Aiden wanted to make training camp an adventure. But securing the tickets wasn’t easy.

The two say they booked the perfect Airbnb in Pittsford, ahead of getting tickets; thinking they would log on right as the site went live, and secure two free tickets easily.

Unfortunately, Jeremy says he logged on to see a thousand people in front of him in line, before the computer glitched – putting 11,000 people ahead.

When he finally got through, it said all the tickets were gone.

“At that point, I was thinking this is a mess, but we’re still going,” said Jeremy. “I’ve never been there before, but I thought even if we watch from the other side of the fence, maybe we can see people selling tickets or something.”

The two turned to social media for help. They posted their story in a “Bills Mafia” Facebook group, with almost 115,000 fans.

“We just kind of posted our story, ‘we’re doing a father-son trip, our house already rented,’ and within 24 hours I had all three the practices covered,” said Jeremy. “And people could’ve charged more, they were very generous.”

The two will be driving up today, attending camp Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

“We’re right along the canal, so we’re bringing our bikes to ride along the canal,” said Jeremy. “The people that own the house are big Bills fans, and told us which restaurants to go to, which ones the players frequently, we’re hoping to get a photo with some of the guys.”