The Bills made a deal and got their guy. 

And then, they made another. 

Buffalo traded with Tampa Bay up to pick seven to select quarterback Josh Allen in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft Thursday night. 

In exchange, the Bills gave up both their second round picks. They did receive pick 255 in return from the Bucs. It’s the second to last pick in the entire draft. 

This was the move the Bills seemed to building towards since they traded down in the 2017 first round to add Kansas City’s first round round pick this year. 

Many fans were disappointed. Allen’s issues with completion percentage, pocket presence and reading defenses were well documented by draft analysts in the weeks leading up to round one.

The Bills liked Allen’s size, athleticsim and his arm. General Manager Brandon Beane called him a “good kid.”

“He is Buffalo. I think you’ll see that when you meet him,” Beane said.

Beane did say Josh Rosen was in consideration, but he did not want to get into any negatives that steered Buffalo away from him. Instead, the Bills concentrated on why they liked Allen. 

“You gotta pick what you’re willing to work with and deal with. We just think his makeup is going to help him work on his flaws,” Beane said. “We like a lot of his strengths and that’ll be a part of our job here is to accentuate his strengths and work on his fundamentals–the so called things that his weaknesses are and I have no doubt he can do that.”

Racially insensitive tweets Allen posted as a teenager surfaced Thursday morning and become a hot button social media topic. Beane said the team was aware of the issue. They double checked the background research on him Thursday and were satisfied with Allen, the person. 

“We all spoke to Josh, we spoke to people that are very close to Josh including his head coach at Wyoming. This is not who this young man is today,” Beane said. “I can’t speak to what he was as a fourteen or fifteen year old or what was being tweeted. You can’t find one person that’ll say anything negative about him. We didn’t find one.”

Still, the Bills made it clear those types of tweets will not be excused. 

“It’s not something we tolerate around here whatsoever and our hope is that he will learn from this and we’ll move forward from here,” McDermott said. 

The Bills were able to save their second first round pick–number 22 overall–in the trade for Allen. They ended up trading that one, too. 

Buffalo dealt the 22nd and 65th pick in the draft to the Ravens for pick 16 and pick 154, which is in round five.

This deal was to nab sliding linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. He’s a likely middle backer who’s an unbelievable athlete. At only 19 years old, there’s a lot of room to grow. 

Edmunds was expected by many to go in the top ten picks. Brandon Beane grabbing him at 16, and essentially with the 22nd pick, is excellent work. 

Beane said the Bills talked with many teams about trading in the first round before hooking with Tampa on the deal to land Allen. 

“There were teams we talked to that were not willing to move. It didn’t matter what we were offering,” he said. “They had a guy and if you have a guy and you’re convicted on it, you’re not moving. You have to find a team that will move and what it will cost to move and that’s how we ended up with Tampa.” 

Both players drafted in round one fill gaping holes for the Bills. Despite the seeming lack of competition at both spots, there still will be one. 

“We earn things around here so lets just start there if we could,” McDermott said. “These two young men are going to come in, embed into what we do, and how we do things here. We got a lot of good players already in that locker room that do things the right way.”

The Bills now go from six picks in the first three rounds to just three. All they have left for Friday is the final pick of round three, the 96th overall. 

Buffalo did add two picks for day three and now have five selections in rounds four through seven.