BUFFALO, N.Y. (WROC) — With a strong win at home Monday night against the Tenessee Titans, Buffalo Bills fans are already planning their next trip to Orchard Park.

While the Bills are hot, their ticket prices may be even hotter.

Nick Giammusso, president of VIPTIX out of Buffalo, estimates the price tag for single-game tickets has jumped roughly 40% since last week’s season opener.

Currently, tickets average between $300 and $400 a piece for the next several games. Regardless, some of the Bills faithful are holding out for their chance to root the team at Highmark Stadium.

Marsha Mitchell of Webster got to see the Bills debut at home for Monday night primetime in Orchard Park.

Fortunately, her close friend has season tickets. So, they went together.

“To find them is one thing, to pay for them is another. Five years ago, we were paying $50 a seat,” Mitchell said.

Giammusso says comparing now and pre-COVID years, ticket sales are about 350% higher. As the Bills keep getting better, he says that isn’t changing.

“Just to get in the door for say, the next couple games, Pittsburgh is $400 and up. Green Bay is $450 and up. We’re talking a nosebleed type of seat in the corner. That’s what these prices are starting at,” Giammusso said.

Brad Kaos of Rochester drove to the Bills box office during Monday’s game, hoping to get lucky, only to learn tickets for the game he wanted to attend were sold out.

“All of us want to see it,” Kaos said. “All of us want to go and be part of the atmosphere and be there live. Unfortunately, because they’re doing so good now, it’s a lot more money.”

Experts say they don’t see the prices coming down anytime soon.

“Normally, I would tell my clients, ‘Be patient, let everything settle down a little bit and as we get closer to the game — prices will drop.’ That’s certainly not happening this year at all. It’s getting worse and worse,” said Giammusso.

Another factor for the increase, Giammusso says, is due to the fact that season ticket holders aren’t selling as much this season and are going to the games.

In years past, Giammusso says season ticket holders would often sell more on the secondary market.

For more on tickets and other game day information, visit VIPTIX website.