Bills success positively impacting mental health: ‘It gives people something to hope for’

Buffalo Bills

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Buffalo Bills have brought a bright spot to many people’s lives with their successful run during such a tough year. Bills fever and an AFC championship game right around the corner is making Bills fans across the region smile after nearly a year of a worldwide pandemic and national unrest.

Lifelong Bills fan Jarrod Reed still remembers being 10 years old and watching the Bills lose the Super Bowl, but this year is different. “It’s a different feeling because we haven’t had this feeling in 25 years,” Reed said. “I’m almost 40 so I experienced the 90s as a kid now as an adult with having the Bills be successful, it’s a different story.”

Even though the Bills success is happening during a pandemic, Reed said he’s enjoyed talking to people over the phone and zoom about each game and what the Bills will do next. He also runs a podcast and fan group, 24/7 Buf Fandemonium, with his brother and friends.

“It’s comforting. If we were losing I think most of us football fans would be miserable especially this time of year, its darker sun’s not up as much, you get that depression. Having that feel good feeling when the Bills win, gives us a few days of, ‘okay we won, what’s going on for the next week,'” Reed said.

Alexis Zwetsch is a primary mental health therapist with Rochester Regional Health. She also said she’s seen changes in clients during this playoff run.

“To have this chance to root for them and get behind something is great for mental health and to feel connected to people,” she said. “It gives people a sense of not being alone when they’re rooting for the same team. Win or lose, Bills fans we’re there no matter what, but to see it go down this way this year has been very positive.”

Reed said he’s taking it one game at a time, but even so, to be able to say the Bills are going to the Super Bowl would be a fantastic accomplishment.

Zwetsch said Zoom parties during games, celebrating on social media, and talking to friends and family on the phone are all good ways to stay connected during this exciting time.

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