ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — The last three games are arguably the worst three game stretch for the Bills since Josh Allen’s rookie year. Unsurprisingly, there was no lack of confidence in the locker room on Tuesday. The team still believes in their season and also head coach Sean McDermott.

Bills wide receiver and captain Gabe Davis explained the team’s confidence in their head coach.

“Every time I pull up, his truck is always here,” said Davis. “I know I’m one of the first guys here as well. Just seeing that kind of level of commitment with him, it means something to me.”

With McDermott taking over defensive play calling this season, many players on that side of the ball have expressed their trust in him.

“He puts us in the right spots to make the plays that we need to make,” said defensive end Shaq Lawson. “We are always confident going in and we always got that swagger about ourselves as a defense.”

Through seven years as Buffalo’s head coach, McDermott has a regular season record of 66-38. Although the team has been successful over the past four seasons, safety Micah Hyde mentions that it hasn’t always been blue skies.

“We’ve been a part of some tough losses around here for going on seven years,” said Hyde. “So we know what type of guys we have inside this building. Guys that care. Guys that want to win so they’re gonna do whatever they can to put in the work.”

Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins stands with McDermott calling him “the guy” for this Buffalo team.

“I’ve been here with him for seven years and I don’t turn my back on anybody,” said Dawkins. “He’s been putting us all in the right position more so. He’s done a great job.”

“We know how to win and we know how to figure things out and we know how to develop players,” said McDermott. “That’s what were here for. If you’re at this point in your career… you’re at the top of the top. You haven’t gotten there without facing adversity and overcome adversity in your career. We’re used to this. This is what we do.”

Many Bills players on Tuesday said that every single team goes through adversity like this every year. Davis called it just another season.

“It’s nothing to be in panic mode about,” said Davis. “It’s just life.”