BALTIMORE, Md. (WROC) — Nothing keyed the Bills’ 23-20 comeback win more than how their defense played in the second half, shutting out Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

Jordan Poyer had his first two-interception game since college. And for the Ravens, it was the first time they were shut out in a half since the Bills did it to them in the playoff game after the 2020 season.

Taron Johnson said there was an important change of strategy that made the difference.

“We changed up our looks,” said the nickel cornerback. “In the first half, we kind of had a defense and we played the same sort of defense. Coach is telling us we’ve got to not let them know what we’re in consistently. I feel like that is what changed the whole game. Switching up the calls and us being able to disguise, it kept Lamar on his toes.”

Linebackers Matt Milano and Tremaine Edmunds also kept Jackson on his toes, combining for 22 total tackles, four TFLs, and a quarterback hit.

“Those are tough tackles on Lamar Jackson in the open field,” said head coach Sean McDermott. “I thought we tackled at well times today, at other times we could have tackled better and that’s something that we’ll continue to work on.”

“But Tremaine and Matt, the level that they’ve played at, the leadership they’ve given us in particular with Micah and Tredavious out, that’s been important for us. And needs to continue,” McDermott added.

“I think we just settled in,” said Milano, who had 13 tackles. “First half we were kind of trying to feel it out, see what they were running, see what they were doing, they got some big runs, explosive plays. But I think we just settled in and everybody took a breath.”

“We were more disciplined, more assignment sound,” said McDermott. “There’s probably no magic to it, just guys executed, we settled in probably a little bit more.”

The Bills snapped a streak of seven straight losses in one score game. It’s a mark the team was well aware of, but not very concerned with.

“We talked about this being a ground game. We knew it was going to be rainy and a little bit cold,” said Von Miller. “We knew it was going to go down to the last second. No way you can visualize it being like this but we knew it was going to be a tough game so starting the second half, it just fell into exactly what we expected.”

“I felt like in the beginning we were showing what we were in and we were playing it,” said Johnson. “In the second half, I feel like coach started calling all types of different coverages and that gave us the opportunity to really affect the quarterback.”

The Bills will get a much easier test next week against the Steelers. They’ll either face their backup quarterback last year, Mitch Trubisky, who has struggled so far this season, or Kenny Pickett, the rookie who relieved Trubisky in Pittsburgh’s loss to the Jets.