KANSAS CITY, MO (WROC) — As much as the bills love Josh Allen the player, they love Josh Allen the man just as much. Allen may be one of the league’s top five superstars but all he really wants to be is one of the guys.

“He is a superstar but he doesn’t carry himself like one,” said Dawson Knox. “It’s not like he’s standoffish and hard to get a hold of off the field. Last night he FaceTimed me like four times in a row just to get me to get on Xbox. It’s just little things like that. He’s like a brother, he’s like a best friend.”

Defensive tackle Harrison Phillips noticed day one during their rookie year together that Allen would go above and beyond to be there for his guys.

“We went out to eat together that first weekend after OTA’s, he would never let me pick up the bill or anything like that,” said Phillips. “And then how generous he is with his home and letting us come over for pizza and wings, watching the games, whatever it is. And then what he does with Oishei [Children’s Hospital]. I would say his generosity is an important piece, too.”

That generosity and willingness to be there for others is something that head coach Sean McDermott calls a gift due, especially because he spends so much of his time with the offense.

“That’s a challenge and it’s hard to do to endear oneself to the entire football team, not just your side of the ball,” said McDermott. “I just think that Josh has that gift, that “it” quality.”

Knox said no one in the facility would ever say a bad word about Allen and he’s never someone who would look down his nose at someone else.

“He knows everyone’s names from the cafeteria people to the trainers,” said Knox. “He’s a world-class guy.”

Allen and the Bills will look to get one step closer to the Super Bowl when they play the Chiefs on Sunday night in the divisional round.