ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — For the third time in four years, the Bills will play on Thanksgiving Day, but this time, they’ve got the early slot. The 12:30 game against the Lions. Which means that, although they’ll be working on Thanksgiving, they might not have to miss it.

“It will be cool to get in and get out and get at home at night with our families,” said safety Jordan Poyer. “But we got to handle business and that’s a good football team that we’re going to go play.”

The Lions have traditionally hosted a Thanksgiving Day game since 1934 while the Dallas Cowboys have done the same since 1966. However, not every player on the Bills is a fan of the tradition.

“I kind of don’t like it because I like spending time with my family,” said linebacker Tyrel Dodson. “But what else would you rather be doing than playing football? Everyone gets to tune in on Thanksgiving and eating turkey. Its an honor.”

The Bills are 2-0 in their last two games on Thanksgiving with a win over the Saints in 2021 and a victory over the Cowboys in 2019.

“I guess we’re what the people want to see,” said defensive tackle Ed Oliver. “They’re what the people want to see I don’t know. It’s just a blessing and an honor to be in a game on Thanksgiving. I remember watching football as a little kid watching Thanksgiving.”

Against the Dallas Cowboys in 2019, Josh Allen had his coming out party to the rest of the NFL. Allen completed 79% of his passes for 231 yards and two total touchdowns.

“Anytime you can play on a holiday or on a stage like that it’s something that us players had dreamed of as kids,” said running back Taiwan Jones. “Knowing that you may be away from family but everybody gets to watch you. That’s definitely exciting.”

“Guys have said its a tradition now,” said Dodson. “So guys love it. I honestly look forward to it even though I don’t like it. But l look forward to it and I’m ready to go play.”

In most situations this year, Von Miller has been the one who is experienced. The one doing the teaching. This time, he might be able to learn something from his Bills teammates.

The ten-year vet has never played on Thanksgiving before. As you’d imagine, he’s pretty excited.

“These are the moments you dream about,” said Miller.