Terrel Bernard made the play of the preseason opener on Saturday, returning a fumble 69 yards for the first touchdown of the game.

The rookie third round pick said he’s watched the play a couple of times. In the moment, it didn’t seem like it was real life.

“It felt like a video game,” Bernard said. “You’re there and then, out of no where, you see the ball pop up. Just take it. Got a little gassed toward the end of the run there, but definitely a cool moment and something I’ll remember the rest of my life.”

Helping Bernard adjust to the NFL is fellow rookie linebacker Baylon Spector. The seventh rounder led the team in tackles against the Colts.

The two have become fast friends, even if it was by necessity at first.

“It all jumped on us so quick in the spring. We were like, ‘All right. To get this, we’re gonna have to work together and share what we know’,” Spector said. “It came along pretty quick.”

“He’s become one of my good friends and somebody I turn to a lot in difficult situations since I’ve been here,” Bernard said. “It’s been really awesome to have him.”

As an undersized linebacker, Bernard is learning a lot from Matt Milano and has started to model his game after the five year vet.

Milano has been a willing teacher even coming up to Bernard on the sidelines with tips. Bernard said he’s very thankful for to have the extra guidance.