ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — The last three weeks could not have been easy for Bills linebacker Dorian Williams.

He was a superstar at every level before reaching the NFL. However, in his last three games with the Bills, he’s been benched twice. The rookie showed a veteran’s level of maturity when he faced the media on Tuesday to discuss his situation.

“It’s definitely tough,” said Williams. “I know it was all out of love. All the coaches want the best for me, but they have to do what they feel like is best to put the team in a position to win. It has been hard. It’s something you have to deal with that’s part of the game. But I know I’m getting better everyday and I’m gonna learn.”

In both situations where Williams was benched, he was replaced by 4th year linebacker Tyrel Dodson.

“It is a fine line there, for any young player,” said McDermott. “You know they’re gonna make mistakes. It’s a chance to reset, watch a little bit, and bring them along the right way.”

Bills safety Micah Hyde weighed in on the rookie’s struggles and compared Williams’ start to his own early days with Green Bay.

“I remember playing a lot of ball, but at the same time I’d mess up a few times and they’d take me out,” said Hyde. “So it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating for sure. For Dorian, he has a lot of potential. When he does get out there, just play fast, play free. If you make mistakes, just don’t make the same mistakes again.”

Williams only played 21 snaps in the loss to New England. It is his lowest total since the loss of linebacker Matt Milano. Despite the reduced playing time, Williams’ confidence level is still high.

“Most of all, (teammates) say keep your confidence, keep going. You just got to learn through it and you’re gonna be alright,” said Williams. “Just having that confidence in myself, having that confidence in the guys behind me has been amazing. I’m happy to be here.”

Williams is definitely not done being on the field this year. McDermott on Tuesday described the plan going forward.

“Go out there, experience it,” said McDermott. “Come back into the dock. We’ll reset you, put some more gas in the tank. Then go back out and see how it goes.”