PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — Coming from the FCS level as a 6th round pick, playing in the NFL could be intimidating for some. But that doesn’t apply to Christian Benford who says he fears no man.

“The person that line up on the field is you,” said Christian Benford. “At the end of the day, it’s not Villanova it’s not a small school. It’s me, Christian Benford that lined up with anybody. If they bleed red, they got fear in their heart just like you do.”

But to understand why he feels like that. You have to take it back to his upbringing. Born and raised in Baltimore which he described as a tough city.

“Gangs, guns, drugs, at a young age,” said Benford. “You see stuff that like and it’s pretty tough.”

And the public school he went to, he said wasn’t the best.

“They had like books that was ripped up or had them inappropriate drawings on them,” said Benford. “So you really wasn’t learning stuff like that. So football really was the gateway.”

But even playing football had its’ own obstacles.

“Those football fields had a lot of shootings on them, you would see a body or something or stuff like that,” said Benford. “Anything crazy that you wouldn’t want your kids to see, they’ll probably see it.”

After making it out of Baltimore, Benford received a scholarship to play football at Villanova. During his junior season, he was faced with adversity after his Mom passed away. That burden is something that he carries with him to this day.

“A lot of my close friends and brother, they died,” said Benford. “I had trouble bringing somebody close in. My mom was my everything.”

Throughout the tragedies, Benford said things could have went south for him. But he found a way to keep moving forward to make it to where he is today.

“They wouldn’t want that for me neither,” said Benford. “So I patched that hole up, stomped on it and kept it pushing.”