ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll is still incredibly well-liked in the Bills locker room. The former Bills offensive coordinator will be back in Orchard Park as the Giants head coach Sunday night.

The Bills not only respect Daboll for his genuine, fun-loving personality, but also for the impact he had building an elite offense. Daboll left a mark on many of the player’s careers during his tenure in Buffalo.

“In terms of football and how to handle being a quarterback in this league,” said Josh Allen. “Relying on the knowledge that he has and the guys that he’s been around in his career. I spent a lot of time with him.”

Daboll was the offensive coordinator with the Bills from 2018 to 2021.

“Daboll allowed us to be ourselves,” said Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins. “He kept it free for us to be ourselves. Not that he’s a big kid, but he has the kid in him too. He was a higher up and had the kid in him so it allowed us to be free.”

Allen said there are several people who’ve had their hand in the pie in terms of the Bills success over the past few years. He added that Daboll was important for him.

“He was a great player’s coach,” said wide receiver Gabe Davis. “He cared about his players. He was kind of like us as well with his thought process outside of football. He would always be calling you randomly with some random FaceTime call just checking in. He’s overall a good guy.”

Dawkins stated that Daboll is truly one of a kind and that he stills calls his former offensive coordinator to this day.

“He’s either at dinner with his family or all 30 of his kids,” said Dawkins. “Or he’s at the pool with his back lights and his cigars. He puts his best foot forward. He puts his heart forward and he puts his personality forward. I love him to death.”

Allen said that Daboll has meant a lot to both his football career and his life and that he’s excited to see him Sunday night. Dawkins even joked that he might greet Daboll with some Bar Bill Wings or La Nova pizza.

“It will be a beautiful sight to see him here,” said Dawkins. “If he walks in with a cigar, I might pass out.”