Bills ready for ‘a fun challenge’ in facing familiar foe Tom Brady

Buffalo Bills

Sean McDermott is 0-6 against Tom Brady as a head coach. A stat that probably doesn’t much make him stand out all that much.

Even at age 44, Brady is still at the top of his game and a big favorite to be MVP. McDermott can see why.

“I think he’s playing as good of football as I’ve seen him played and he’s played, as we know, really good football,” McDermott said. “Credit to him, credit to how they’re using him down there and where he is in his career.”

Josh Allen commended Brady’s pocket presence and his ability to decipher defenses before the snap.

“He’s able to make quick adjustments right after the snap,” Allen said. “He knows where his guys are, he knows his playbook better than anybody else in the building. I could go on and on about what makes him great.”

“He sees everything from body language to eyes, leverage, depth,” Bills safety Jordan Poyer said. “It’s always a fun challenge when you’re going up against Tom Brady.”

Jordan Poyer added that it’s gonna be a fun chess match this week with all the experience of the Bills secondary going up against all of the experience of Tom Brady. Dane Jackson is the one new guy who will enter into the equation.

Poyer said that Levi Wallace was talking to Jackson about facing Brady. Wallace told Jackson one of his first games against Brady the first six or eight passes all went in his direction.

“He learned real fast what the game plan was going to be that day,” Poyer said.

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