ORCHARD PARK, N.Y (WROC) — I did not think the Bills would be able to match the offensive performance they put on in the win against the Patriots in Foxboro. And I was right. The Bills did not match that performance.

They exceeded it.

This game felt kind of like that dramatic scene towards the end of Remember the Titans. Denzel Washington’s team is losing at the half of the championship game. The Titans had not lost a game up until that point and their star player makes a passionate speech at halftime. He says that while “I am not perfect and I’ll never be… this team has been perfect”.

I’m sure there were a couple Bills players who made mistakes against the Patriots. Maybe even three. As a group, the Bills offense was perfect. Seven possessions. Seven touchdowns. It’s the first time in NFL history a team did not punt, kick a field goal or turn the ball over in a game.

The Bills did not do this against the Texans or the Jets. They did it in the playoffs. They did it against one of the best defenses in the league. They did it against the hated Patriots.

Josh Allen was as brilliant as you would imagine a quarterback would have to be as a part of this history. Whether it was shaking off defensive tackles, breaking ankles or dotting i’s with touchdown passes into small windows, this was probably his best game ever with the Bills. He was a playmaking machine and easily erased any narrative that he might have an issue in cold weather.

As for the rest of the offense, I’m assuming the Bills are going to need a new supply of game balls. Who didn’t make a play against the Patriots? Nine different players caught passes and six had at least one catch of 19 yards or more. Isaiah McKenzie made big plays. Gabriel Davis and Emmanuel Sanders each scored touchdowns. Dawson Knox had two TD catches. The first was a throw Allen admitted he wasn’t trying to complete and didn’t realize was a score. There was a moment of confusion on the field when Allen was in the huddle for what he thought was third and goal while the point after team was also running on the field.

The Bills offense was so good against New England, they were succeeding even when they weren’t trying.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this uber impressive Bills offensive performance is that the two top returning skill guys from last year were bit players. Stefon Diggs had one big 45-yard catch and two non-descript receptions. Cole Beasley caught all of one pass and had one target. The Bills dominated just fine with their ‘other’ guys.

The offensive line was scintillating once again and Devin Singletary continued to prove that he deserves to be the Bills’ bell cow running back. Lots of this game was fun for Bills fans to watch, but this is the part where I think there could be long lasting impact.

Singletary didn’t just have another solid game with 16 carries for 81 yards. He also helped the Bills find grind-it-out success in big spots. They converted a third and one. They scored another short touchdown run on the ground. While the Bills offense was developing into a juggernaut in 2019 and 2020, those seasons featured only four touchdown runs from someone not named Josh Allen inside the five. Singletary now has four of those runs in the last four weeks.

Over the last two and a half years, Buffalo has found it difficult moving the chains on third or fourth and short without using Allen. If that bugaboo has been solved, this offense is going to be all the more difficult to stop going forward.

This jaw-dropping win may very well now make the Bills a trendy pick to go to the Super Bowl from the AFC. If they do get a rematch with the Chiefs next week, topic A-1 will likely be whether the Chiefs can hang with this Bills offense and not the other way around.

Before we turn the page forward, let’s not overlook what the Bills accomplished with this win. They proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are the kings of the AFC East and New England isn’t even that close of a second. It’s a message that will be heard all across the NFL. You can bet it was heard loud and clear up in Foxboro.

After this Patriots-Bills game in Orchard Park, it’s Bill Belichick who should have been asked if he was embarrassed.