Bills offense fails to score a touchdown in loss to Jags

Buffalo Bills

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WROC) — You can pick any stat you want from this game, they all tell the same story and how bad it was against the Jaguars.

It was Buffalo’s least points scored, least yards gained, and most turnovers in 2021.

For all the times that Josh Allen has benefited from the hero play, the crazy play, it burned them in this game. Allen’s second interception was a spot where he threw the ball blindly halfway down to the ground.

The interception gave Jacksonville their game-winning points.

“Credit to them, they wanted it more, a lot of little things add up to big things,” said Allen. “I put the ball in danger too often, bit us in the butt, I played like [expletive], excuse my language.”

“Gotta be smart with the football, end every drive with a kick, understanding how our defense was playing, not giving them a short field,” the QB added. “Again, I gotta be better. I played liked [expletive] today.”

The offensive line struggled mightily, allowing four sacks and putting Allen under pressure all day long. With Spencer Brown and Jon Feliciano both inactive with injuries, Ike Boettger and Cody Ford did not perform well in the starting lineup. The usual starters of Dion Dawkins, Mitch Morse, and Daryl Williams didn’t play much better.

“I did think we moved the ball at times where we had opportunities but the drive would stall whether it be in the red zone early there or with a turnover or for some reason we stalled out,” said head coach Sean McDermott. “I gotta go back and look at it and scrub it down and figure out what was going on there.”

The last time the Bills did not score a touchdown was in the 2019 season finale, where Matt Barkley and the backups failed to score against the Jets.

“They outplayed us,” said center Mitch Morse. “The final score shows it. The defense did a tremendous job today, gave us every opportunity to win this game. Speaking for myself we need to do more.”

“It’s a week-to-week league,” said Allen. “Any given Sunday any team can come out here and play well and beat the other team, it’s just how it goes, it’s life sometimes. We’ll use this to our advantage, we’ll be better from it.

The performance of the Bills’ offense hurts even more because they didn’t have to be good, or okay, even average in this game to win. They just needed ten points. The defense did their job holding Jacksonville to just nine points. As Allen said, “we had to be better for them”.

They’ll get their chance next week against the Jets on the road.

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