This will go down as one of the greatest NFL playoff games of all time. This is the type of game that will be talked about for decades. I know I’ll be excited to tell anyone who wants to ask what it was like to be on the field for it.

The Bills walked off the field with their heads down. They were the team that got eliminated. They were the team whose season ended. There were still no losers on this field. There was just one team that didn’t win the coin toss. I know it hurts Bills fans now, but there will be a time in the relatively near future they will be proud that their team was involved.

This was two elite, superb offenses operating at an ungodly level. This was football’s ultimate game of “Hold My Beer”. Only, in the good way.

There were four different lead changing scores in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. The Bills and Chiefs had more scoring drives and more points after the two minute warning then the 49ers and Packers scored in their entire game. The last two minutes and overtime produced only four points less than what the Titans and Bengals put up in their entire game.

Josh Allen went toe for toe with Patrick Mahomes for 60-plus minutes. He may have very well cemented himself as no worse than the number two quarterback in the NFL and not even all that far behind number one.

Allen twice scored go ahead touchdowns in the final two minutes. The first drive featured three third-down conversions and two fourth-down conversions. On the second drive, Allen needed to go 75 yards in 62 seconds. He ended up only using 49 seconds. It was his only mistake of the night.

Either one of those two drives on the road in a playoff game would be viewed as something only an elite quarterback could hope to pull off. Allen executed both on back-to-back possessions. It was everything you could ever hope for from a franchise QB.

And how about Gabriel Davis? The second-year pro had the game of his life. He won deep balls. He broke ankles. He should have caught the game-winning touchdown. Twice. If, and more likely when, Cole Beasley and Emmanuel Sanders walk this offseason, Davis has proved he’s more than ready to be the number two receiver in this offense.

It was not all sunshine and rainbows for the Bills when they had the ball. Devin Singletary and the offensive line never got anything going in the non-Josh Allen run game. A huge disappointment considering its late season success. Stefon Diggs’ picture was the lasting image of last year’s playoff loss in Kansas City. The same can be said this year. Only this time, the picture was on the side of a milk carton.

Diggs did throw a nasty shoulder on some fan that ran on the field during the two minute warning. It was the most contact a Bills player made with anyone in a red jersey most of the entire second half.

The Bills defense built a number one ranking by throttling terrible offenses and their schedule this season was blessed with plenty of them. In the bigger games against the better offenses, the Bills D often came up short. That was the case again in Kansas City. The Chiefs rolled up 552 yards of offense. They only had one drive that did not cross midfield. The Bills only forced KC into two punts out of 11 possessions.

The most egregious part was what happened at the end of regulation. I know it’s Mahomes. I know it’s the best offense in the league. I know the Bills were missing Tre White. There is simply no excuse for putting a team’s back to the wall and letting them go 44 yards in ten seconds. Two plays. It was damning enough that, if I were an NFL owner looking for a head coach, I’d want another discussion with my GM before hiring Leslie Frazier.

The Bills are going to lament this opportunity getting away. A win would have given them a chance to host the AFC championship against the relatively playoff inexperienced Cincinnati Bengals. Tom Brady was out of the playoffs. So was Aaron Rodgers. On paper, the winner of this playoff game at Arrowhead was going to end up with one of the softest roads to a championship in NFL history.

Sean McDermott had his team rolling, too. They had fixed the run game (we thought). The offensive line was better. They were getting pressure on the quarterback with the front four. Three of the last four games, the offense did not punt. They were the NFL’s healthiest team. If the Bills can’t beat the Chiefs with all of that going for them, it’s fair to ask how they could ever get past Kansas City.

Very likely, the coaching continuity advantage Buffalo has enjoyed the last couple years will soon also be going away. Buffalo has already lost in important piece of their front office in Joe Schoen. One, if not both coordinators will probably soon follow him out the door.

As long as the Bills have Josh Allen under center, they will have a chance to win a championship. Allen was the number one reason why the Bills earned a lead role in one of the greatest stage shows in NFL history. The salary cap poses little danger to the core of the roster in 2022. The Bills should return next season, once again, as a Super Bowl favorite.

However, they may not ever get a better look at a championship than the one they had this year. And if they don’t ever win one, this missed opportunity is the thing that Bills fans will be talking about for decades.