ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — Tremaine Edmunds has naturally been a leader for the Bills because he’s a middle linebacker and calls the signals for the defense. Yet Buffalo defensive coordinator, Leslie Frazier has noticed improvement as a leader from Edmunds this year and it could not have been timed better.

“We kind of needed that especially with the absence of Micah and then with Jordan being in and out of the lineup at times even from a practice standpoint,” said Frazier. “We needed Tremaine to take another step from a leadership standpoint when it comes to being more vocal and he’s done it.”

Edmunds said each year he tries to take steps forward in leadership whether that’s researching, listening to interviews and even podcasts.

“When you take the time and care about something and you research it and try and few ways to be better it’s going to naturally show,” said Edmunds. “I think more so that’s what it is.”

Better leader is nice, but most fans would prefer better player. Actually, the two are often related.

“You’re almost holding yourself accountable because if I’m talking to guys about we need to make sure that we’re at Point A versus Point B,” said Frazier. “Well then I got to make sure I’m where I’m supposed to be also.”

In his fifth season as a pro, Edmunds recorded 102 tackles, six tackles for loss, and seven pass deflections.

“I like to live by the phrase you can’t lead where you aren’t going, you can’t tell what you don’t know,” said Edmunds. “So if I don’t know the stuff or I’m not doing the stuff then I can’t tell you to do it.”

Frazier echoed similar thoughts in regards to Edmunds expecting more out of himself than his teammates.

“Am I doing the same things I’m asking of my teammates?,” said Frazier. “Am I as demanding on myself as I am on them? Tremaine has been that. For everything he’s asked of his teammates, he’s taken it to another level when it comes to his own play.”

Edmunds has always been one of the most even keel guys in the Bills locker room and Frazier thinks having a leader like that has helped the team get thru all the adversity this year.

“When you see the resiliency of our guys, it mirrors Tremaine’s personality,” said Edmunds.