Bills dominate Dolphins ‘left-handed’

Buffalo Bills

MIAMI, Fla. (WROC) — The Bills won a game 35-0. It was their biggest shutout win over the Dolphins in 55 years.

And I still can’t help but feel like it seemed kinda… ugly?

There’s no doubt that the eleventy-hour finish to the first half played a big part in this. It was football agony. If someone dropped in on the game at 14-0 without knowing the score, they would have thought these two teams were the worst in the division.

I think the other reason this huge Bills win feels a little odd is that it wasn’t a “Bills” win. This wasn’t Josh Allen putting up pinball numbers with passes flying left and right. It was about the run game and, to a large part, the defense.

I love that the Bills went back to their formula for success last year and attacked right from the start. Leslie Frazier pressed all the right buttons in the blitz game and the Dolphins never had a chance to breathe. I also thought it was a smart play coming off a loss. If there was any negativity left over from the Steelers loss, the Bills never gave it a chance to fester.

The best part of this game defensively for me was AJ Epenesa. We’ve talked all year about the Bills need for one of their young pass rushers to step up. Boy, did he. Epenesa almost single-handedly knocked Tua Tagovailoa from the game and killed a Miami fourth-down play in the first quarter. He was all over Jacoby Brissett in the second half.

I know Greg Rousseau was the guy who got the two sacks, but they were both much more clean-up sacks than anything Rousseau dictated. Good for him landing the stat plays. It can only help for a young guy.

While Devin Singletary is the lead back for this game on the stat sheet, I think Zack Moss is the run-game spirit animal. Just when you thought he was out after committing a fumble early, Moss rallied to score two super tough touchdowns in the second half. It was exactly the kind of thing Moss promised when he was drafted.

And Moss found the strength for that rebound less than 24 hours after burying his aunt. Dion Dawkins said that Moss even called the turnaround on the sideline. “Moss said, ‘Look, the next time I touch this ball, I’m going to make it count’.” And he did. Hat Tip Dot Gif.

The Bills didn’t have their fastball in this game, but they still dominated with their off-speed stuff. As Sean McDermott put it, they won “left-handed”. It might be an even better sign than if Allen had another AFC Player of the Week performance.

It was a heck of a rebound for the Bills after a season-opening loss that disappointed all of Western New York. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.

The Bills are back on the road to AFC East dominance and any doubts about this team being a Super Bowl contender have been erased. At least for a week.

If the Bills do win a championship, no one is ever gonna ask to paint a picture about some win in week two.

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