ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) —  The Dolphins cannot rely on Fitzmagic to get into the playoffs this year.

Miami’s backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, ruling him out for Sunday’s game in Buffalo.

Now the pressure is on Tua Tagovailoa to lock up a playoff spot with a win over the Bills. It will not be easy for the rookie quarterback. In this current five game stretch, the Bills defense has only allowed 16.8 points per game.

Brian Flores has benched Tagovailoa for Fitzpatrick twice since assuming the role as a starter, using Fitzpatrick as a “relief pitcher” if things get hairy.

Without that security blanket, the Bills defense is ready to make it as difficult as possible to find the endzone. Micah Hyde had high praise for Tagovailoa on Thursday, explaining he is wise beyond his years.

“He doesn’t force throws. He gets to his read and can check the ball down or whatever it may be and find open guys,” said Hyde. “Good arm and accurate. He puts the ball on the money when he throws it. It’s just something where we have to try and go out there and make it hard for him.”

The Bills defense could look a little different late in the game, depending if Sean McDermott sits or plays his starters for a whole game. Hyde wants a final outing before the playoffs, but knows McDermott’s plan is just part of the process.

“I think ultimately as players, as competitors, we want to play,” said Hyde. We just want to have that confidence to go out there and make plays going into the playoffs.”