KANSAS CITY, MO (WROC) — The first time Josh Allen and this era of the Bills played in a playoff game, they melted down in Houston, blew a 16-0 lead, and were one-and-done.

This year the Bills opened the playoffs with what is quite simplest the greatest offensive performance in the history of football. It’s just another example of how far this team has come.

“I think it’s just repetitions of in-game reps. You know, being in the playoffs the last few years, taking the experience and the knowledge that we’ve gained, understanding that every drive that you have in the playoffs is very crucial to the game,” said Allen. “Being smart with the football and not pressing. And playing away games, it’s not easy to do especially come playoff time. On top of that in a place like Arrowhead where those fans are super loud, they make it really hard for the opposing team.”

His teammate Stefon Diggs has been to a conference championship game with both the Vikings and the Bills and says you can feel the different dynamic of playoff football.

“In the playoffs knowing that it’s win or go home, it’s always heightened emotions,” said Diggs. “I feel like it’s a little more increased focus and increased effort. Fighting for extra yards in the regular season is different than fighting for extra yards in the playoffs.”

“You’re giving everything you’ve got and the man across from you is doing the same just because you know you’re going home if you don’t win and you don’t want to be the reason that you go home.”

Perhaps nothing underlines the growth of the Bills better than the win over New England moving zero needles at One Bills Drive.

“No one around here is getting fat and satisfied,” said Diggs.