Hello darkness, my old friend.

Once again the Bills offense was silent.

Buffalo lost their 4th game in a row on Sunday. The last three losses have been by a combined 83 points. That is more than any three game losing streak in franchise history.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Okay, keep reading.

Sean McDermott’s ‘process’ might be running out of gas and seems to have sucked the ‘swagger’ out of he Bills locker room.

“We’re not going to be confident until we can figure out a way to win,” said Lorenzo Alexander. “2-7 is not what anybody expected.”

“It was like a domino effect today. It kept stacking up on us and we really couldn’t catch up to it,” said Kelvin Benjamin.

“We’re just not playing up to a good enough standard right now. We’re inconsistent as a team right now,” added Alexander. “Defense plays well and then the offense is not doing well– I mean, it’s just inconsistent. We just have to play better as a team, as a unit.”

The Bills out-gained the Bears in yards 264 to 190 but took 163 yards worth of penalties to shoot themselves in the foot.

“There’s no other way to get out of it, so you have to go through it,” said Jordan Poyer. “We have to stay together as a team, not point fingers, stay positive… which is hard, I know it’s going to be hard, but at the same time, it’s what we have to do.”

“It’s frustrating not putting things together,” added Zay Jones. “We had turnovers, some forced, some unforced. It’s just hard right now. I don’t know really what to tell you right now, at this point. It’s just frustrating.”

Over the last three games, LeSean McCoy has rushed for 24 yards on 24 carries but the Bills captain was no where to be seen after the game. McCoy did not address the media as he left the locker room before reporters were allowed in.