ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — Last Sunday, the Bills trailed 20-10 going into the break against the Ravens. From there Buffalo stepped on the gas outscoring Baltimore 13-0 the rest of the way.

The Bills are outscoring opponents 63-7 after halftime this year.

That means the Buffalo coaching staff is doing a lot right when it comes to making adjustments throughout a game. But all that success might start with one of the most basic tenets in coaching.

“Well first they keep us positive,” said defensive tackle Tim Settle. “Adversity is a part of football. I feel like they know how to address it. I feel like they know how to coach us to do better in certain situations. Once you kind of calm down, you can step away you can look at the bigger picture.”

Jordan Poyer said that when they get into the locker room at halftime regardless of the score that no one panics.

“Nobody blinks,” said Poyer. “Von’s (Miller) said it, I’ve said it in a couple media interviews don’t blink. Literally it’s just one play at a time.”

Dane Jackson believes that the second half success stems from the Bills offseason work.

“I think it’s just the foundation that we’ve built,” said Jackson. “We’ve built a good foundation in OTA’s, in camp and all that type stuff. So it’s relying on our foundation and executing.”

That foundation that Jackson spoke has been laid for quite some time now with the core of the team playing together for several seasons.

“You got guys that have been playing with each other five years plus,” said cornerback Taron Johnson. “Just that alone helps with the continuity and being able to solve things quickly.”

Even more important, the Bills have been making good adjustments with a new offensive coordinator and a couple new staff members.

“I’ve been impressed with how the new coaches on offense have gained traction in that area,” said Sean McDermott. “That will be important for us as we move week to week.”