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Attorney: LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend no longer certain McCoy was responsible for attack

MILTON, GA - An attorney for Delicia Cordon, the ex-girlfriend of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, tells CBS News Cordon is no longer sure McCoy was behind a home invasion robbery that left her bloodied and beaten.

Police said an intruder wearing a mask entered the home around 3 a.m., attacked Cordon and stole jewelry.

In 911 calls, Cordon told operators she suspected McCoy played a role in the assault. Friday morning, CBS News reported Cordon's attorney said Cordon was not longer certain McCoy played a role in the attack. However, the attorney tells ESPN's Mike Rodak that Cordon still suspects McCoy was involved.

Tuesday, a friend of Cordon's posted an Instagram photo showing the injuries from the attack. In the post, the friend accused McCoy of attacking Cordon as well as other abuse.

In court documents, News 8 found that McCoy had begun the process to evict Cordon from the home prior to the attack.

In a statement, McCoy denied any role in the attack and called the allegations against him false.

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