KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WROC) — Josh Allen has seven 300-yard passing games this season. Five have come in the biggest contests Buffalo has played: against the Chiefs, Titans, Tampa Bay and two versus New England.

Yardage is hardly the hard-and-fast measure of how good a quarterback is, but it does show Allen can elevate when the Bills need him most. It’s why this Buffalo team remains one of the most dangerous left in the playoff field.

“As of late, you’ve really seen Josh turn into the quarterback that we’ve seen all along as far as him leading us, him being that driving force,” Stefon Diggs said. “When things get tough, it’s easy to have his back. It’s easy to want to run through a wall for him because you know he’ll do the same for you.”

Allen, of course, remains humble when the topic is discussed. He credited the ten other guys on the field with him and the work that’s done before he shines under the brightest lights.

“Throughout the week of practice, maybe there’s a little bit more urgency game-planning wise. Understanding what’s going in. Taking out stuff we don’t like and just being sure that what we’re calling is something that I’m comfortable with,” Allen said.

Where Allen holds back, Devin Singletary is happy to polish the shine for a quarterback he calls “the general”.

“When he steps out there, he’s not blinking. At all. No matter the situation,” Singletary says. “He’s always in kill mode.”

Sean McDermott thinks the big game responses from Allen are just a natural by product of the work he’s put in during the offseason. Eventually, Allen has improved to the point where the big stats games happen often enough where they also have to occur in the most important ones.

“It’s part of Josh’s evolution. When you’re improving your game, those games come,” McDermott said. “It’s never easy and it’s never perfect, but you continue to work and he’s done a tremendous job of putting in the time.”

Singletary adds that Allen is as competitive as it gets. The QB even gets bent out of shape if he loses a coin toss. However, Allen is also doing a good job of trying to appreciate where the Bills are and keeping things light.

“We’re living a kid’s dream right now,” Singletary says. “Sometimes, you gotta sit back and enjoy it and cherish all the moments. I think that’s what Josh shows day in and day out as well.”