Songs from Studio B is a News 8 WROC digital exclusive series dedicated to both showcasing Rochester’s incredible musical talent, as well as featuring artists who come through our town for shows.

All of the music is recorded live, the video captured live; all of it refined for a product that blends the electricity of live show, and the polish of a studio session.

For each episode, artists are tasked with presenting two “A-sides” and two “B-sides.” The A-sides are songs that you know from the artist: whether it’s their signature song, their most promoted song, or the one with the most airtime. The B sides are tunes near and dear to the heart of the artist, but don’t always get the public love they deserve. In this format, listeners can take in the favorites, and learn the deep cuts.

This episode features Extended Family. They have broken a Songs record with the most musicians on stage with nine, but this packed band is also packed with incredibly catchy hooks and choruses, complete with four-part harmonies, shredding solos, and great grooves.

Extended Family is:

  • Alison Rouse — lead vocals
  • Erin Burns — vocals
  • Sean Holley — keys, vocals
  • Ben Rossi — keys, guitar, vocals
  • Trevor Holley — guitar, keys, vocals
  • Geoff Dale — guitar
  • Rick Holland — acoustic guitar
  • Todd Dirrigl — bass
  • Jeff “Woody” Woodruff — drums
  • Fran Broderick — spiritual advisor

The tunes:

  • A-side: Good Run (0:00)
  • B-side: Sorry (05:20)
  • A-side: Leave It Better (08:16)
  • B-side: OK (12:30)

This series is produced, recorded, and mixed by Dan Gross. He shot and edited this one. Hanna Berger provided assistance with production.