What’s the deal with this #broomchallenge?


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Have you seen this floating around the internet recently? The #broomchallenge alleges you can balance a broom because of a rare “perfect balance” of the Earth’s rotation.

As you can see below, Chief Meteorologist Eric Snitil was able to confirm you can indeed balance a broom this evening.

As you can see, this is scientific proof there is indeed a remarkable astronomical balance in play to pull off such a feat.

Or not.

There are no stars aligning, no planets synced up, no changes to the Earth’s tilt or rotation, but gravity … that’s a real thing. You’re able to balance a broom by finding the center of gravity. But here’s the catch: You can do this any day and any time you want.

There’s no rare alignment that magically allows you to pull this off. It’s simply the way many brooms are constructed that allow you find find a way to balance them. Most people don’t know this, so assume it’s because of some extraordinary structuring of the cosmos.

The #broomchallenge is real in that you can indeed balance a broom, but a viral hoax in that … well … people have been doing this for years.

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