ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Earlier this week, RIT and the Rochester Museum of Science formalized their longstanding partnership, opening the door for more collaboration and exploration. With a more formal agreement in place now, it will make the path between research and communication that much shorter.

“Science is a verb it’s something that we do it’s an active process and it’s constantly evolving and constantly changing as we learn new things the science evolves,” said Carl Uzelmeier, Ph.D., and the director of Featured Content for Exhibits at RMSC.

Keeping up with that evolution now won’t be as difficult as the Rochester Museum of Science and RIT have made a commitment to work even closer together in the near future.

Anna Stenport, the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, was one of the leading forces in advancing the already present collaboration. For her, it fulfills the purpose behind why the research is done in the first place and the purpose of the university itself.

“Sharing that work with the broader public is part of the mandate of any university and it’s truly at the heart of the cause of liberal arts at RIT,” said Anna Stenport, Ph.D.

Their work with the Rochester Museum and Science Center may be one of the more formal relationships RIT has with local museums, but their reach expands to all ends of the region in different capacities.

“The significance of this partnership is that it adds to our portfolio already existing of strategic partnerships with museums and cultural institutions in the area so just Genesee Country Village & Museum, Seneca Park Zoo, and others,” said Juilee Decker, Ph.D., the director of Museum Studies at RIT.

While there is plenty more to come across the board, at RMSC specifically, they’re gearing up to debut their latest collaboration with RIT this November. 

“We have a new exhibition opening this fall in November called wonders of water and it’s fantastic to be able to work with RIT to present some of the latest research and to be able to present things in an accurate way and create these new fun experiences in partnership with them,” said Calvin Uzelmeier, Ph.D., the Director of Featured Content at RMSC.