Annoyed by the spike in mosquitos? You can blame Rochester’s wet July weather


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — If you’ve been annoyed by a spike in mosquitos buzzing around lately, you can blame the region’s July weather.

“All the rain we had in July. If you remember back, May and June were really, really dry,” Marci Muller, Horticulture Team Leader with the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County said.

All that extra precipitation made for ripe breeding grounds across the Rochester area. 

“So, any shallow standing water — that’s where they lay their eggs, and the eggs hatch out,” Muller said.

In the space of two weeks, there are adult mosquitos taking flight and looking for a bite. 

“That’s one of the primary things we focus on with our customers is how do we prevent mosquitos?” Dale Larnder of Exodus Exterminating said.

Larnder believes the area has definitely seen a spike in mosquitos. They “treat” mosquitos on properties across the region, targeting adults. According to Larnder, “it’s on the customer to make sure that the conditions on their property are reduced.”

That includes eliminating standing water in places like birdbaths, boat covers, still pools, tire marks, and gutters. Exodus Extermination warns that female mosquitos are responsible for bites, as they get blood protein from you to help lay eggs. Male mosquitos don’t bite. 

Muller says beyond mosquitos just being a nuisance, they can also spread disease. Despite the uptick in mosquitos, she believes in enjoying the outdoors by being smart about it.

“The one that’s of concern around here is the West Nile Virus,” Muller said. “Make sure you use a heavy repellent or you wear long sleeves and long pants and that sort of thing.”

For more details on Exodus Extermination and their services, click here.

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