ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Roadways were slow to clear up following one of the largest snowstorms in recent history last month, but it wasn’t only roadways; many sidewalk paths in the City of Rochester remained blocked off with mounting snow piles for days.

As local roadways slowly cleared up following one of the largest snowstorms in recent history, a number of sidewalk paths in Rochester remained blocked off with mounting snow piles. With another big snowfall on the way, sidewalks are again a concern.

According to the City of Rochester’s website, clearing sidewalks of snow is a city-resident partnership. Current guidelines say removing snow from sidewalks is the responsibility of the owner whose property is adjacent with that walkway, but If the snow rises above four inches, city services will plow the area. CIty officials say it’s ultimately it is up to owner to clear off any extra snow or ice.

According to the National Weather Service, the City of Rochester saw more than one foot of snow Monday, far exceeding the four-inch threshold to prompt city services for sidewalk plowing.

For some near the north end of St. Paul Street in Rochester, sidewalks were still not cleared as of Monday night, forcing some people to walk in the road to avoid pushing through the deep now to get around.

“A lot of people had to call places like Lyft or miss work,” said Jaquan Nesmith, who lives off St. Paul Street. “The whole nine yards, or be hours late because of their vehicles being snowed in and the lack of plowing. It’s annoying and frustrating.”

Clear sidewalks are also essential to some people with physical disabilities.

All sidewalks that are at least five feet in width are plowed by the city, according to Rochester’s guidelines. However, “sidewalk snow plowing policies must sometimes be altered to meet the needs of the situation,” according to the city’s snow removal fact sheet.

“We ask that you clear the snow on sidewalks in front of properties,” Rochester Environmental Service Commissioner Richard Perrin said. “That’s the responsibility of the property owner. We are out there doing that in some instances. We want to make sure we’re keeping things as it relates to certain activity centers and depending on what happens.”

City officials say snow plowing is included in every resident’s property tax bill. The total fee is based on the home’s front footage.

Residents who wish to inquire about the city’s snow removal service can call 585-428-5990.