ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A new law went into effect Thursday, impacting those with pistol permits, and certain locations. Under this new ruling, those with concealed carry are not allowed to bring their guns into sensitive areas, like government buildings, schools, and restaurants serving alcohol.

Places like restaurants, in turn, are supposed to display consent signage if guns are allowed inside.

You want a sign? Donald Swartz with Veneto’s Wood Fired Pizza on East Ave. says here you go. “It’s the American flag. It represents us, it represents everyone, it represents the Constitution,” he said.

With some businesses in New York State required to express consent that legal firearms are allowed inside their property, Swartz says forget it. 

“It’s not my business to stop somebody from participating in a Constitutionally-protected activity: the Second Amendment,” he said.

Swartz says the process to apply for a pistol permit in New York is rigorous and thorough. He says legal, concealed-carry gun holders are not the problem. “I would trust them to come into the facility,” he says, adding that elected officials should be focused on other things. “I don’t have to tell you that these past few years, crime is through the roof,” he said.

The new law has already faced legal challenges in the state by the Gun Owners of America. Governor Kathy Hochul said though, that has been dismissed.

Lawyer Derrik Hogan explains: “Nobody has been harmed by it yet. No one has been denied entry into a certain business because of the new law or nobody’s been denied let’s say a pistol permit application because of the new law,” said Hogan.

Swartz says he has no idea how New York State is going to enforce signage at his place — or any place deemed sensitive.

“You know if the state wants to come down and fine us, or do something, let them come in, because we’ll take that to court. We’ll challenge it,” he said.

And challenging laws and mandates are nothing new for Swartz. During the COVID shutdowns and limited re-openings, Swartz was a regular voice on News 8 pushing back in favor of small businesses.