ROCHESTER, N.Y (WROC) — A Rochester couple is living on their back porch after their home went up in flames earlier this month.  

“We lost everything,” Buss told us. 

Matthew Buss was in the process of officially inheriting this home off Irene Street in the Charlotte community after his mother passed away in January. But in a matter of hours, everything he owned was reduced to ashes. Leaving him and his girlfriend Heather Turner sleeping on what’s left of the back porch.  

“We have an air mattress and blankets but the air mattress popped,” Buss said. “The back porch is enclosed and goes from the kitchen to the garage, but the rest of the house is not livable.” 

“Some nights it’s freezing or raining because the ceiling has holes in it now,” Turner added. “With worms dropping to the floor. They look like maggots.”  

Over the past few weeks, Matthew and Heather have worked day and night to salvage what’s left in the home without electricity, running water, or any way to cook food. Realizing the fire killed two of their three pets while destroying all but two bags worth of their clothes.  

“I got some clothes although a lot of them are water damaged and smoke damaged,” Buss said. “So, we had to throw a lot of stuff away.”  

“I lost stuff that was irreplaceable like my son’s ashes,” Turner cried. “My son died last year I lost things that I’ll never ever be able to get back again. That was all I had of my son who was 19-years-old and now I got nothing.” 

Help from insurance has not come through yet because the house isn’t in Matt’s name, since his mom died recently. With the future uncertain he is hoping for the kindness of strangers. 

Matthew and Heather have now set up a GoFundMe page asking people to donate as they struggle to rebuild. They also welcome any to reach out directly for assistance by calling Matt at (585) 532-9107.