Rochester Mayor-elect Malik Evans announces senior staff appointments


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester Mayor-elect Malik Evans announced several new senior staff members to serve under his administration during a press conference Friday morning.

Evans introduced more than 10 appointments to his senior staff members in what he said would be the first wave of new positions that will be leading alongside the soon-to-be mayor. Evans will be sworn into office on January 1, 2022.

Evans stressed that every member must buy into his agenda of “Building a bridge to Rochester’s future.”

“People are going to tell you who to pick, but at the end of the day, it is your decision,” Evans said. “Number one: You have to trust them, you have to have good chemistry with them, and they must have good values. Anyone that is joining will have to have those values. Not for me, but for Rochester.”

The Democrat went on to announce staff in numerous departments, including a new chief of fire, city communication, emergency services, corporation counsel, and more. Evans announced the following appointments Friday:

Chief Of Staff

Tammy Mayberry has more than 15 years of experience in federal and local government in Chicago and Buffalo.

“I am proud to have an all star hitter when it comes to the chief of staff,” Evans said. “We are blessed to have her here. She will play a major role in this administration. It is important that we include the very best talent. We need good talent in this city. They are coming to serve the city of Rochester.”

Director of Human Resources

According to Evans, Doctor Rose Nichols was picked for this role due to his extensive experience in working for Rochester and the federal government of the United States. She is currently the deputy director of human resources in Rochester.

“Rose had already read our mission and values, and she had no idea she was coming into our administration,” Evans said. “She will step up to help the city of Rochester and I thank her for that.”

Director of Communications and Special Events

Barbara Pierce was described by the mayor-elect as someone who has and will have transparent communication with Rochester. She is in expert in coaching executives in crisis response.

“Barbara is a business leader, she has trained and coached teams, she has even trained me,” Evans said. “She will be invaluable in this community.”

Special Assistant to the Mayor

Evans used the term “problem fixer when addressing John Brach.

“He is one of the most passionate people I know, he spent his career listening to the voices of the public,” Evans said. “He will capture what individuals are saying. This is customer service, we want to do that at the highest level here in Rochester. He will be the chief problem fixer. We want to listen and fix.”

Director of Violence Prevention Department

Victor Sanders has over 30 years of experience in working with those with high risk behaviors, violence and gang activity. In his new role, Sanders will work at building programs that focus on anti-violence.

“Here is the thing about Victor, he can speak to officials and the boys that are hanging around in the corner,” Evans said. “He can bring our anti violence programs together. Pathways to Peace. I know that he will do an amazing job.”

Liaison to City Council

Josanne Reaves spent over seventeen years as Executive Director of Leadership in Rochester, a program that inspires, connects and educates a vibrant, diverse network of individuals who provide leadership to transform and strengthen the Greater Rochester Region.

“I think by having Joesanne here, she will make sure we have a strong relationship with out legislative body,” Evans said.

Head of Corporation Council

Linda Kinsley, Coorporation Counselor “I asked her to come back to the city of Rochester. 35 years of attorney in local and federal law under municipal cases. Corporation counciler for 12 years. She has the heart of the city and the mind to bring us back.”

Mr. Richard Perrin was appointed as Commissioner of Environmental Services. He has nationally-recognized experience for his implantation of transportation projects. Additionally, he is know for inventing solutions to environmental and land conflicts.

“Climate is extremely important to me,” Evans said. “More importantly, how do we take care of assets? I am so glad that Richard is here because we have the resources to leverage our assets. He is part of our future, our issues with the winter and everything else that involves our residents and the environment they’re in.”

Rochester Fire Chief

Phillipe Hernandez has served the Rochester Police Department for the last 22 years. He will be the first permanent Latino fire chief in the city’s history. He was the interim fire chief for the past year.

“We know that without a strong service in the city, we are in trouble,” Evans said. “We have to make sure that generations look at him and say “I want to serve my fire department”‘

Evans saluted his new staff for stepping up to aid in the transformation of Rochester.

“I am convinced all of these individuals will help build the bridge to Rochester’s future,” Evans said. As I work to advance economic empowerment, build strong, engaged neighborhoods, strengthen our public safety, and invest in our youth, I will need strong leaders working by my side.”

Additional matters

Regarding the spread of the omicron variant, and the recent COVID-19 surge in Rochester, Monroe County, and the Finger Lakes, the mayor-elect said he is “extremely concerned” amid the upcoming holiday season.

“I am extremely concerned as the holidays come, we cannot take this for granted,” Evans said. “We have to make sure we are extremely vigilant. I want to urge everyone is safe. We have to make sure these numbers decrease.”

Evans also referenced Newark when asked about his plans to address the increase in violence across Rochester.

“We will be deploying the same strategy that Newark has,” Evans said. “Practical things that work. They cut their homicides by 50%. Everyone is at the table. Hope is not a strategy, they actually have a formula that works. Its not something esoteric.”

Evans will be sworn in come the new year after defeating former mayor Lovely Warren in June’s Democratic primary where he carried nearly 66% of the vote. He ran unopposed in November’s general election and Warren’s tenure ended following her resignation on October 4.

Her time in office ended as part of a plea deal she agreed to last month. Overseeing current operations at City Hall is James Smith, who will serve a one month term as interim mayor.

During a previously held conference two weeks ago, Evans mentioned his plans of new appointments include an extensive search for Rochester’s next full time police chief. The city has had four acting police chief since September of last year.

Evans said the next police chief must buys into his agenda of “Building a bridge to Rochester’s future.”

Check back with News 8 WROC as we will continue to update this developing story.

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