ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As reported last week, for the first time since the House of Mercy opened in 1984, the shelter has a new executive director, Dr. Tammy Butler.

The new role for Sister Grace Miller, the founder of the mission, is now “spiritual director.”

Miller wants to be clear as the new spiritual director, her roles and responsibilities will remain the same. Miller says above all, this comes down to serving the poor of the city, those on the margins of society.

She says the momentum she has put in place, cannot let up, adding far too many people depend on it. 

While Miller did say she had other offers to go elsewhere, she is not. She referred to the board of directors as perhaps trying to force her out. She says that back and forth has left her grief-stricken.

“My understanding is there’s one person on the board who did this, and that bothers me. One person on the board made that decision. It’s like, where did you get your power? You’re the one who calls me ‘friend’. You say you’re my friend, and yet you did this to me and broke my heart,” Miller said.

She added, “I’m not here for the board. There was no board when I started. You know, late at night, when I was picking up homeless people off the street late at night, where was the board? They were tucked in their beds sounds asleep and comfortable.”

The House of Mercy shelters over 80 people nightly and distributes 9,000 meals per month. The House of Mercy was started back in 1984.