Rochester school leaders seek input on school safety plan

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The violence experienced so far this summer is top of mind as the Rochester City School District approaches a new school year. Tuesday night, Rochester Police Officer and Community Liaison Moses Robinson told the school board we have to do a better job at providing safe schools for students, teachers staff and families.

“It’s going to be challenging,” he said.

Robinson explained there’s a lot of fear in the community especially after the multiple shootings last weekend. “But I do welcome the opportunity to make all of our campuses safe,” Robinson said.

The Rochester City School Board held a district wide safety plan public hearing Tuesday. Officer Robinson was invited to offer comments as the district prepares to finalize the plan for the 2023-2024 school year. Officer Robinson told recommended a coordinated approach between school officials, law enforcement and other first responders. He spoke of the importance of veteran officers who are respected community members being relied upon to de-escalate potential violent situations.

Robinson pointed to the recent rise in teens stealing cars and driving them recklessly on school grounds, similar to the incident that occurred at Franklin High School last spring.

“Just by the grace of God none of our children have been injured nor our staff by things that I just mentioned that finds its away onto the campus but we need to be ahead of these things,” he added.

No one signed up to testify during Tuesday’s public hearing. RCSD Chief of Operations Jacob Scott provided an overview of the the safety plan. The 30-day public comment period opened July 17 and closes August 18, 2023. Written comments may be sent to the Office of Safety and Security at