ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Calling all history nerds, twice a month librarians at the Central Library of Rochester publish two articles called “Local History ROCs!”

We visited library assistant Emily Morry Tuesday to find out what kinds of stories are included in the blog, and how people can learn more about Rochester’s rich history.

“These are fun informative educational articles about various things related to Rochester’s history, and we do so on one hand to inform and engage the public but also to give people a sense of the kind of resources we have here in the library,” Morry said.

Morry says one of her most memorable posts is about Cab Calloway, the famous jazz singer. His family lived in Rochester for a short time in the early 1900’s. Here’s what she discovered.

“As it turned out Cab was under the impression that the house he was born in here in Rochester had been torn down for an urban renewal project,” she said. “Through the research I did I discovered that was not true. The house is still standing. The very house he was born in is at 108 Cypress Street out in the South Wedge Neighborhood, so that was a pretty exciting one.”

The blog is called Local History ROCs and librarians hope it will lead more people to discover all the resources available at Rochester’s public libraries. Click here to read more.