ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The City of Rochester celebrated the launch of a new program Monday aimed at encouraging childhood reading.

It’s called Book Nook, and it adds new spaces for children to read. Each location is designed to offer kids K thru 12 a space to access and read books. The nooks are now available in all ten of the city’s R-centers and in the teen center inside the Loretta C. Scott Center for Human Services.

Children will have the option to take books home with them or read them on site.

“How my parents got me into reading is they let me read stuff that I liked and then they would slip in the other stuff later on,” Rochester Mayor Malik Evans said at the ribbon cutting. “When you start giving people books they like to read they then are able to start wanting to read other things. So that’s how you can really instill a love of reading. We need to let our kids pick what kind of books they’re interesting in and from there we can start giving them the stuff we want to mandate them to read.”

The Book Nook selection will feature culturally significant books for all ages.