ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Rochester region is on standby and ready to assist those affected by Hurricane Ian. Volunteers from Red Cross and Salvation Army said they have resources in place for when that time comes.

Red Cross said there are two volunteers from Rochester and about 10-12 people on standby from the Salvation Army of Greater Rochester.

Donna Davis, Regional External Relations Lead for the Red Cross of Western New York will be assisting virtually. Throughout her time with Red Cross, she’s assisted in 12 disasters.

“The nature of this storm, and where it’s hitting, the Red Cross could be boots on the ground for months,” she said.

Davis added volunteers will be hopping on planes as soon as the storm passes.

“There are a lot of people on the ground, boots on the ground already, taking care of over 13,000 people already in evacuation shelters,” said Davis.

A lot of the work she does is coordinating with emergency services in the areas affected; finding out what the needs are, and helping residents prepare for what’s to come.

“Knowing what to take to said evacuation shelters,” she said. “More important paperwork, medication you have.”

Michael Gilbert is the Director of Development for the Salvation Army of Greater Rochester. He said they also have volunteers and resources on standby, which includes 37 mobile feeding units, and one field kitchen ready to mobilize.

“We want to also make sure we are helping in the immediate aftermath as well, helping people get back on their feet, contacts, and access to the services they need,” said Gilbert.

In the short term: consider how the storm could affect you and your plans. Hundreds of travelers in our region are impacted right now, according to Triple-A.

“The closure of the Tampa airport alone, is going to have a ripple effect on flights, not just today but over the next couple of days,” said Communications Specialist Mark Gruba. “So again, anybody with plans to fly anywhere needs to check with their carrier.”

Gruba said while the parks are closed down in Florida, hotels remain open, and many travelers are being asked to shelter in place. If you are traveling or had plans to travel, have you thought about insurance coverage?

“Anytime you’re booking a vacation, you’re going to want to consider trip insurance,” said Gruba.

Both Red Cross and Salvation Army said in these situations, the best way to help out is through monetary donations. You can do that by visiting this link or calling 1-800 Red Cross, or by texting the word “Ian” to 90999. To donate to Salvation Army, head to this link, or call 585-754-9919.

Governor Kathy Hochul said the New York State National Guard is sending helicopters and soldiers to Jacksonville, Florida — to assist with recovery efforts.