ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Some RIT students are receiving recognition for their hard work and achievements in the hard-of-hearing community.

Freshman Anna Nack was named one of three winners in the nation for the scholarship that saw a pool of 167 applicants.

The scholarship is given to hard-of-hearing individuals who show academic excellence, tenacity, as well as leadership.

Nack grew up an orphan in Armenia, a place she says had very little deaf culture and called this opportunity a life-changing experience.

“It means everything to me, and the fact that they believe that I have a future, that I want to help people,” Nack said. “It’s incredible.”

Brothers Ethan and Gavin Morrobel have been named Cochlear Foundation National Inspirers for their advocacy and volunteer work, as well as athletic achievements.

The two were born with a disease that caused them to lose their hearing and will eventually take their sight.

In high school they joined a competitive swim team and qualified for the National Paralympics swim championships in 20-19.

They’re taking this opportunity not only to push their lives forward, but hopefully help others make their own strides.

“Their scholarship means a lot because a lot of cochlear applicants apply, and they give it the best of the best,” Ethan said. “The ones who show that everything is possible with cochlears and I just wanted to be that person for them and showcase that.”

“These scholarships are really meant to show off yourself,” Gavin said. “Even if you’re more timid as a person, apply, share your story. Show what you have to offer in life.”

Ethan is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering with hopes to start a career designing airplanes, while Gavin is a freshman studying business exploration.

Both are also heavily involved with Ava’s Voice, an organization aimed to empower youth with Usher Syndrome, the rare disease they both have.