Lake effect snow band keeps temperatures below zero, public works crews prepare to stay ahead


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As this wintery weather moves in, Public Works crews are back at it trying to salt the roads before the snow sticks and plan to how many plow trucks should be sent out.  

Wind gusts have reached up to 30 miles per-hour. Not only blowing this band of lake effect snow at high speeds making it hard to see out on these roads, but also keeping the temperature way below freezing. So, this won’t melt anytime soon.  

Since 6 p.m. flurries of snow began to fall, putting the town of Irondequoit Public Works Department on alert to see when and how many crews need to be deployed.  

“We have a snow watch on staff 24/7 during this point in the winter,” Irondequoit Public Works Acting Commissioner Erin Magee said. “So, if we need to deploy a salt run or deploy a full plow run that can happen in 20 minutes to have a full workforce out on the road.” 

To keep up with Mother Nature Irondequoit Public Works has been working around the clock. In the past week they’ve gone through 2/3 of this entire salt barn getting material down on the road before the worst of the weather gets here.  

“Wherever you see snow with a lot of wind we pay special attention to those areas where we know that wind drifts onto the road in more susceptible to certain areas,” Magee said. “So those parts of town would be monitored much closer.” 

At full staff, Irondequoit could have 22 snowplow and salt trucks out on the roads. When coming across one, drivers are asked to slow down at least 10 miles under the speed limit and give 200 feet of distance to allow crews to do their jobs safely. 

“Give yourself additional time to get to wherever you have to be and give our plow drivers the space they need to do their job,” Magee said. “We consider ourselves the first responders to the first responders and we take that very seriously. We want to make sure the roads are safe for everyone as well.”  

If you do have to go out in these harsh weather conditions but your car spins out on the side of the road, Authorities advise you stay in your car and call for help to avoid putting yourself in any more danger. 

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