ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In the midst of a red-hot job market nationwide, one Rochester organization is looking to support residents as they navigate the workforce.

OACES is a division of the Rochester City School District. It held a community outreach breakfast to spread the word Friday morning. Their goal is to provide necessary training and education services to those looking to become employed.

Organizers noted some of the biggest challenges brought on by the pandemic — including low enrollment in training programs — and the obstacles faced by the very people they serve.

“During the pandemic, people really shifted around what their priorities were, what they were going to do, a lot of people left the work force,” said OACES Director Dr. Lia Festenstein. “I’d like to welcome them all back and we’re here to support them rejoining the workforce.”

OACES is located on Hart Street in Rochester. They welcome people of all ages seeking help in landing work.