ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In audio provided by Broadcastify, officers make the call that two officers — Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz, a 29-year veteran of the Rochester and Officer Sino Seng — were shot, and transported to area hospitals. They were also trying to secure the scene.

Officer Mazurkiewicz was killed and Officer Seng injured in what investigators called an ambush shooting on Bauman Street Thursday night. Rochester Police Chief David Smith said they were patrolling in the area around 9:15 p.m. when at least one male approached them and opened fire.

The shooting came hours after Mayor Malik Evans declared a Local State of Emergency in Rochester due to ongoing gun violence.

In the last month, the city has seen seven residents die from shootings, including the police officer shot last night. Mayor Evans says this is an order he’ll revisit every five days, giving him the ability to seek out problematic areas in the city, and even shut down streets if needed.

“Choke on your thoughts, choke on your prayers,” City Councilmember Michael Patterson said. “They have a duty and a responsibility to legislate and act. If I could, if we could, we would. We can’t.”

Patterson represents the Northeast District, where the shooting of Officer Mazurkiewicz took place. He went on to criticize what he called a lack of response across all levels of government.

“You need data points? 35 dead — there’s your data point,” he said, referencing the number of victims who died from shootings. “Over 200 shot — there’s your data point. You need more data? Look at last year. 80 dead. 400 shot. It was Tuesday, and we actually had Councilmembers vote against accepting money to combat gun violence. And during that conversation, we had three people shot, two of them died. And as we roll forward, more of them [are] getting shot.”By Year: Rochester police officers killed in line of duty

Former Mayor of Rochester, former RPD Chief, and former Lieutenant Governor of New York Robert Duffy said that he worked with Officer Mazurkiewicz in RPD, and highlighted his capabilities and willingness to serve.

“This man is an almost 30-year veteran, 54 years old. He was working nights on the street, hunting down homicide suspects — those who could be with the worst of the worst in our community, who are taking lives. He had choices, he could have worked inside [at] a desk, he could have retired many years ago,” Duffy said. “Gives you a snapshot of where his heart’s at. He was always a great public servant, great police officer, very dedicated. I can’t think of one bad thing about this man. [He] served his community with distinction and honor for almost 30 years.”