ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The funeral for fallen Rochester Police Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz is set to take place in downtown Rochester on Monday, August 1. 

Officer Mazurkiewicz was fatally shot in the line of duty 11 days prior on Thursday, July 21.

The funeral is being held at the Blue Cross Arena and the procession will begin at the Public Safety Building around 11:15 a.m.

A large turnout is expected at Monday’s funeral with various police agencies from across the state, as well as out of state. Also in attendance will be dozens showing support from the Patriot Guard Riders, a group of motorcyclists who ride alongside processions at memorial services for fallen first responders. 

Nigel Heaton is the Assistant State Caption for our region and says being asked by the Rochester Police Department to be present on this day was an honor. 

“What we would do is we form a flag line of American flags. There may be some individuals who will have the blue flag for police and will stand in the flag line. For those that pass, we extend our condolences. We want everyone to know that we feel the same loss that they do,” Heaton said.

Since the night of his death, the community has learned more about who Officer Mazurkiewicz was. He was a veteran of the Rochester Police Department for 29 years and a member of the tactical unit, receiving the Excellent Police Service Award 17 times.

Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter says he knew Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz not only as an officer but as a person. 

“I worked with Tony for a while. I actually got to supervise him for a while. Tony had almost 30 years of service. He could at least go to a desk job, maybe some people would say an easier job. He was working in a tactical unit almost his whole career. The tactical unit is designed to go after the most dangerous people in our community, to rid the street of those people so people can live in peace, so people can enjoy their community in the neighborhood. Tony did that for 30 years. He could’ve retired years ago. That just shows the type of person he is,” Sheriff Baxter said.

Mazurkiewicz’s funeral is not open to the public but full coverage will be provided on News 8.

For Monday’s procession, the following roads will be closed: Broad Street, South Avenue, South Fitzhugh Street, Court Street, Exchange Boulevard, and parts of Main Street.

For a closer look into Officer Mazurkiewicz’s career, follow this link: Mazurkiewicz Bio.