ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The father of an RCSD student who reported a gun at her middle school joined Clay Harris of United and Healing through Hope to encourage people who see suspicious activity to report it.

At Dr. Alice Holloway Young Middle School, two teens were arrested after bringing a gun into the building on November 30. One student reported the gun to school authorities, which led to her allegedly receiving threats from other students, according to her father Daniel Greathouse.

Clay Harris said that the reluctance of Rochester residents to report suspicious activity is what leads to high levels of violence and hopes the bravery of the student will inspire others.

Greathouse said that people need to look at reporting incidents as positive rather than negative.

“I just wanted to let other kids and families know — You get rewarded for things like that,” Greathouse said. “You never know what could have happened in that situation. I’m just thankful that my daughter and her friend were able to save that situation.”

“We must change the narrative, when you say something when you see something and you say something, you ain’t snitching — you telling the truth — and the truth is the best thing we can do as a community to combat this violence,” added Harris.

Greathouse added her daughter is now in a new middle school, but still has concerns for her well-being and has set up a GoFundMe to help send her to private school or to a school outside of the district.